Meet Sarah – Customer Service Adviser


Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how/why you joined Vodafone

Sure, so I moved to the UK from Canada about two years ago and I started with Vodafone as it is one of the major employers in Newark and it was a nice place to secure permanent employment with the ability to progress and build a career.

When you joined Vodafone what surprised you about working here?

When I joined Vodafone I came from temporary work and I was so surprised to see just how well they treated their new recruits and how much respect you get as a new recruit.  I was also really impressed with the facilities in the actual building and what amenities are available here.

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to Vodafone?

If you were thinking about coming to Vodafone I would say absolutely go for it, it’s an amazing place to progress and to learn and to build upon the skills that you already have. They really take care of their people and they offer you such a range of different directions to go into career wise. So you’re able to explore different worlds within Vodafone without any kind of risk really as long as you’re open with your management team and as long as you’re smart about it there’s a lot available to you so if you’re serious about starting a career and looking towards your future it’s a good place to be.

What was the training process like for you at the start?

When I first started we did three weeks of onboarding including CXX training, learning about the customer’s experience and then we went into the more technical side of things. We then went on to the floor with a lot of support. After a couple of months, we moved into an entirely new skill and went back into training for another couple of weeks where we were up-skilled for the new role.

How did you find your feet in your role?

When we started on the phones taking calls, we had an entire support team who were available with us so we were the first team to go live in Newark in our particular product and skill. So what they did is they actually imported a few experts for us that was really really helpful because they had experience so we weren’t just out there floundering with this new product and a new skill that no one really had experience with before. We did have a team behind us. We also had out entire management team behind us for any questions. We partnered with each other too for support and we have the ability to take as much time as we needed to ask questions and to learn about anything we were missing – any knowledge gaps we had the ability to fill those in. So the first couple of weeks were really relaxed we would go in, take a call, end the call, debrief with your team and then go back when you were ready.

How would you describe the working environment at Vodafone?

I’ve worked in two different teams now and both of them have been very different but with the underlying current of really trying to make sure that their people are happy at work. There are a lot of engagement activities and it is very very supportive so it’s just a good place to be.

Do you think that Vodafone has the customer at the heart of everything they do?

Yeah absolutely. They make sure their employees are happy so that they can then best serve the customer. Nice happy staff means happy customers.

So what’s your career path been like so far?

I started in the consumer billing for a few months before being up-skilled into consumer tech. From there I said that I was interested in moving into a project management role. When I brought that to the attention of my management team I was offered the opportunity to support a management training program gave me a bunch of skills that I can now use to move forward and move into a project management position hopefully one day so following that I applied and moved into the team that supports One Net. The One Net team has two facets, one team is a customer service team and the other is a project management team which will help expand my skills and mean hopefully I can progress one day.

In the next 2-5 years, do you still see yourself at Vodafone?

I hope I’m still at Vodafone, I’d really like to move into the project management world as that is available on the site here in Newark and from there who knows, we’ll see!

Why do you do what you do at Vodafone and not somewhere else?

Especially in Newark, it’s one of the major employers that has just so much available to offer its employees, there’s so much training available and they are just looking to develop their people that’s totally invaluable because its education you can really use.

What benefit do Vodafone offer that you use most regularly?

I use the cycle to work scheme so Vodafone allowed me to take out a loan that you pay back over a year for a bike and I bike to work every day and it’s allowed me to buy a really nice brand new bike that’s super reliable and I live within a couple miles of work so it’s great.

What do you love the most about your job?

I really enjoy the variety in my day to day so I get to be on the phone speaking to customers and then I also get to be asked to support different projects within the company so I really like that. Also their  spirit of developing their people and their spirit of offering professional development opportunities, it means that you get a lot more variety in your day to day so you’re not just kind of stuck in your one role that you have to come in and do the exact same thing every day.

What would make someone a good fit for Vodafone?

Someone that is really focused on creating the best experience for the customer first and foremost absolutely. If you like talking to people and you like solving problems then you’re going to do very well here. If you’re hard working and dedicated then you’ll just flourish.

What makes you happy at Vodafone?

The people! The people are great!


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