Meet Ellie – Technical Customer Service Adviser


Can you tell me a little bit about your background and how/why you joined Vodafone?

When I left school I started in a clothes store. I then went on to do an admin apprenticeship – which I really didn’t enjoy, it just wasn’t the one for me. I saw the job advertised for here and the opportunity to grow, develop and learn and that’s it really.

What made you want to go to Vodafone when you saw the advertisement?

I knew people that worked here already they said it was a really good place to work. The pay was good too and the site is in a good area too.

What was the training process like when you first joined Vodafone?

I had 3 full weeks, mostly classroom based. It was nice to meet the team before we went to work on the floor. We listened to some calls too which was good. I quite enjoyed it if I’m honest.

How did you find your feet when you started the role?

There was a lot of support with floor walkers, I just did it and did it until I learned it. The managers helped a lot too.

Do you think you are encouraged to learn and develop by your leaders and managers?

Yeah, I was lucky to be accepted on to the ASPIRE course (Leadership development) which I completed. I’m now also in a lead agent role.

So how has your role changed since you’ve been at Vodafone?

So I started as a billing advisor, then I went down to tech (consumer technical care). Over time I started floor walking and taking a few extra responsibilities. There’s definitely been some progression and I am looking forward to even more in the future.

How would you describe the working environment at Vodafone?

Loud [laughs]. It’s not hugely pressured. It’s quite relaxed. It’s a nice place to work. It’s not just do this this this and this, there’s chance to socialise with your colleagues too.

Do you think Vodafone have the customer at the heart of everything they do?

Yes, they’re always working with new products and offers to satisfy customer needs. Things like inclusive roaming. It’s great that they’re bringing lots of jobs back to the UK too, which will definitely improve customer experience. The training’s really good too.

What benefits that Vodafone offers do you use?

I use my-choices. I always use my-choices. I’ve used it for cashback on holidays, for hotels, shopping, vouchers for clothes. I use it quite a lot. I have a reduced phone contract too so its single digits per month. The SIM only deals are very good.

Why do you do what you do at Vodafone and not somewhere else?

Because I can see progression, that makes me want to work hard because I can see myself going up. I’ve been in a dead end job before with no way up whereas here there is. It pushes you that bit more to improve. The bonus scheme is very good too.

What do you love the most about your current job?

I’ve made so many friends. I feel like I’m valued. The pay is a big thing too [laughs] it’s a really competitive starting wage.

Do you do anything in your job that you didn’t expect?

Yes, in my first interview I said I’d like to be a team leader within 5 years. I didn’t expect after a year to have changed my job 3 times and now be a lead agent and now I’ve completed a team leader course (ASPIRE). Even though I’m not ready to become a team leader right now, by the end of the year I’ll be ready.

What do you think would make a good person at Vodafone?

An outgoing person, someone who’s flexible, someone who would like to progress in their career, someone who can listen, someone who is confident, open to feedback, punctual and easy going. You need to be good with people.

What makes you happy at Vodafone?

Definitely the people, they make me happy. I’m happy because of the people around me. Plus I don’t work bank holidays any more [laughs]. But yeah, I’ve made some really good friends here.


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