Meet Elana – Technical Customer Service Adviser


Can you tell me a bit about yourself and why you joined Vodafone?

Well I went to Uni for 3 years and got my degree and was initially looking for a job to fill the gap – I know Vodafone was one of the biggest telecommunications companies and an exciting opportunity and I’m still here after a year now!

How’s your job changed since you’ve been at Vodafone?

So firstly I was in billing, then I moved down to tech within a few months and now I’m in NETS (Network and Enterprise Technical Support) so investigating Network cases and things for corporate customers which I actually really enjoy.

How did you progress to NETS then?

We found out a new NETS team was being formed in Newark and they were looking for advisors to put their names forward if they were interested and wanted to apply for the job and I think I must have been good enough I guess! Ha ha. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to progress.

Do you think you’ve been encouraged to develop by your manager/leader?

Yeah definitely. We have our own personal development where we track everything we do. When we have our 121 sessions our managers do ask where we see ourselves, what we want to do. They are always helping, telling you what to do and where to look to get where you want to be.

How did you manage to find your feet when you first joined Vodafone?

It was scary when I first joined, especially being on the phone. But you soon get used to it and it soon becomes very rewarding once you know you’re helping customers.

What do you think about the working environment at Vodafone?

It can be quite laid back you know, you can talk to your colleagues and there’s a really good relationship with the managers and everyone else around you. Everyone gets on really well. We do work really hard and are encouraged to work hard and to provide a high level of customer experience. It’s fun.

Why do you do what you do at Vodafone and not somewhere else?

I came to Vodafone without the long term in mind but I got to the point where I actually thought -you know I really enjoy it and I enjoy working with the people here and I’ve made a lot of really good friends here. I come to work and I enjoy being here.

What benefit that Vodafone offers do you use most regularly?

My choices, our employee shopping discount portal I’d say, until you look on there you don’t realise how much is actually on there but you can get so much. I’ve used discount on cinema tickets, cashback on things, booking gig tickets and hotels.

Is there anything you do in your current role that you didn’t know when you applied?

If I look back at when I first applied for a billing position, now I work in technical network support – which I actually really enjoy. I like all the investigation work. I’m quite lucky that work has changed like that.

What do you love most about your job?

The people. The people I come to work with. I’ve met my best friend ever here. We have a great team here so I enjoy coming to work every day. The people really make the job.

What do you think Vodafone looks for in its people?

People that are confident and hard-working but someone who is also a really good communicator.

What are your thoughts on the future?

I think I’d like to be a project manager – my current role has shown me that I enjoy that kind of work. I don’t necessarily want to become a team leader or a manager but I’d really enjoy project management.

Do you feel like you have a clear path to your goal and that you have the support to get there?

Yeah absolutely, my manager is so supportive. She’s always there – she tells me exactly where I need to look for things and what I need to do build my skillset for the future.

So what makes you happy at Vodafone?

I’m in a job that I really enjoy. I love the people that I work with. I keep saying the people but I think that’s such a big factor.

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